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Long run to Jamba

First, I must say that I have been sore….  Thursday evening at the Clayve, Clay had me do some barbell lifts with straight legs and a straight back. I do not remember what they are called. This was something new. He also had me do some one legged squats with the trailing leg up on a box behind me. The effects of these, mostly the lifts, were already being felt Friday morning during the 4 x 10 minute tempo intervals. Later on Friday as I ran around Mt SAC to cheer on my team, the hamstrings got sorer and sorer and tighter and tighter. By the 5th and 6th races I was completely exhausted. Afterwards I collapsed into a camp chair, till we headed home. I knew better than to attempt a trail run, as I had planned on Saturday…

Today, I am not back to 100% but I knew I could get through a long run. So, Oscar met me at Jamba Juice and we each left a car there. Cheryl drove us from there to where the aqueduct crosses 110th st west. We ran the aqueduct to 60th where Oscar’s wife and daughters were waiting to join us. The 5 of us continued toward Highland High. We dropped off the aqueduct at 30th and P8 and then continued to Jamba Juice.

Oscar is two weeks out from his first half marathon. I predict sub 1:50. After all, he ran 13.5 in 1:57 staying close to me (until the last couple of miles) today. We stayed sub 8:30 pace mile after mile.

I did 43 miles this week, the highest total since January….

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  1. Romanian Dead Lifts is with straight legs, lifting weight with bent knees is a regular dead lift. I didn’t think just 2 sets with light (53#) would create soreness but anytime you make a muscle work while lengthening the muscle it will make you sore. Glad you recovered. I will be working back up to 120# with the RDL to make my right hamstring stronger.

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