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Triple Tuesday…..

I have to come up with a better title… I have used this one a few times before…

1) Hilliview’s first Cross Country Club run of the fall. We had a new guy so we gave him the 2 mile trial plus a 1 mile continuation.  His name was Kevin. He stayed ahead of me. So, it was an easy 3.

2) The High Desert Runners Tuesday night speed workout. Tonight’s run was 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1.  My left hamstring was feeling pretty tight. It definitely limited my speed more and more as the workout progressed. Still my average pace on the speed work was probably around 6:30 a mile!

3) Oscar went with me to do the Clayve. Clay was calling it my “Last Chance Workout” but I don’t think it was significantly different than the last few workouts. I did some Jump Rope, 40 pull ups (assisted), Romanian Dead Lifts, 40 seated press ups (up from 30), 40 push ups, 60 band pulls, Rope Waves, Dead Bug ball throws… a few box jumps and some ball throws.

Congratulations to Chuck and Lance for finishing the Des Moines Marathon on Sunday…. Chuck, how many states are you up to?

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