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Meeting Muk Muk

Judi has been the counselor at Hillview the last few years. Over the summer she was transferred to several other schools.  While trying to get the students at her new schools to know her she shared that she like to hike (a fact I did not know). In connection with this interest she shared some photos, stories and videos from the blog of one of this years Pacific Crest Trail through hikers.  A through hiker is someone who hike the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail, typically from Mexico to Canada. So, Judi was sharing stories and such about the trail with her students. She was worried about infringing on the author’s rights, so she emailed her. The young lady replied that she would love to meet her students….

So, two weeks ago, the young hiker, who’s trial name is Muk Muk, finished her hike in Canada. A couple of days ago she flew into LAX and Judi picked her up. She spent Thursday and Friday making presentations at Judi’s schools. Yesterday, Judi arranged for Muk Muk to make a presentation to any interested teachers / staff at the district office. I cancelled our cross country practice so I could be there.

It was an amazing story. This young lady from Austalia, who had only camped out a couple of times, actually completed the Pacific Crest Trail this year. It makes you believe that if you really want to you can go do anything….  Here is the link to her blog…. spend some time and check out her story….. I am working on it. It will take a week or two to read through it… amazing stuff.

Oh, yes, today’s run report:  I met Oscar at Jamba Juice at 6:15. We left our cars there and ran to Hillview. He continued to his home. After school the running club, did another Jamba run! Oscar ended up being the backpack driver though, so he did not have to run twice.

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