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Hillview wins Mt SAC … again… oh, and Dave and I hit the trails.

The dad of one of my former runners sent me an email to let me know some results of today’s high school meet at Mt. SAC. Quartz Hill High School’s boys won the division 1 boys varsity race there today. Former Hillview runners, Bradley Wiggs Jared Gregory -Grimes, Andrew Mitchell, Jacob Branch (okay, so he went to Hillview but inexplicably did not run!), Travis Cetti, and Alex Wada placed 7th, 13th, 26th, 36th, 39th, and 50th to lead their team to victory!  Woo Hoo!

David Weary and I headed to San Francisquito Canyon Road to run on the PCT trail this morning. We ran to the park bench and back. We were not trying to set any records. Still we made pretty good time 1:03:17 headed out and 54:58 headed back. Time seemed to fly by as we talked and ran.  On the final climb I was talking to Dave when I noted that he was back a little too far to still be listening. I was feeling good, though so I just held steady up and over the ridge, down to the car. According to strava, I set a PR on this segment “Clays 2 mile rock falls to SF” On the leaderboard I was 8 seconds slower than Clay two weeks ago. Of course I was almost 2 minutes slower than Karl ran the course this morning.

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