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Hillview XC Awards Day!

First, even though it was awards day, we ran!  The club did our first “Tunnels” run of the year. This is one of our favorite routes.  We get to run around the Boulders Mobile Home park and then up to the aqueduct, We cross the bridge at 60th and head over to the drainage tunnels. The kids sometimes seem apprehensive as the head into the darkness. So far, we have had LOTS of kids out there running – 40 or more! I am pleased to see a good number of the 6th and 7th grade girls consistently out there!

Our awards night is always a fun end to our season. We bring in pizza and soda. A parent provides pictures or videos of the kids in action. Every member gets a letter, pin and certificate for completing the season. We also choose a variety of awards:

Runner of the Year
  Boys: Girls:
Leo Oliva Natalie Gutierrez
8th Grade top runner
Boys: Girls
Cade Ruble Gabriela Castro
7th Grade top runner
Boys: Girls:
Adam Deshields Kiley Gilmer
6th Grade top runner
Boys: Girls:
Brady Butler Caylin Livingston
Big Splash Awards
Boys: Girls:
Cole Walls Nazmarie Rivera-Hart
Michael Vidal Tonaya Cobian
Abraham Sosa-Torres Hayli McCarthy
Chigozie Achara Daniela Vargas
Lauro Vargas
Most Improved Awards
Boys: Girls:
Jason Flores Lauren Heath
8:26 – 6:50 (1:36) 8:25 – 7:32 (:53)
Derek Rodriguez
7:23 – 6:13 (1:10)
Chris Kim
10:54 – 8:46 (2:08)
Coach’s Awards (great attendance & effort)
Boys: Girls:
Bryce  Webb Josie Ferreira
Ben Sumner Brooke Faulk
Ethan Ortega Lauren Humphrey
Alyssa Moffat

Here are the videos!

Hillview XC 2013.

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

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