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Month: November 2013

Tues. Trk w/o n Clve

Abbreviated…. Since most of the Tuesday evening runners are planning on a Thursday morning Turkey Trot, we only ran a 1, 2, 3 workout. ¬†At Clay’s house we focused on […]

A little better, maybe

Today was the last day of school prior to a week off! So, I figured that the kids would enjoy a team run to Jamba Juice. All 5 of us […]


My knee is trying….. I am trying…. Tuesday I headed over to Clay’s for a Clayve workout and a bike ride. I tried some of the 1 minute exercises from […]

Knee hurting again

Saturday, a week ago, before the 11K Veteran’s day race, I ran the 12.5 mile trail run from San Fracisquito Canyon to the bench and back. The Gutierrez family ran […]

All by myself

I got up at 5 this morning, which was a lot easier with the time change, so that I could get to the aqueduct by 6. I figured that Chuck […]

Rosamond Zombie 5k

First, Thursday… I ran with the Hillview kids. We did our first “Follow The Lister” run for a warm up. The kids, and their coach had fun! Then we did […]