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Rosamond Zombie 5k

First, Thursday… I ran with the Hillview kids. We did our first “Follow The Lister” run for a warm up. The kids, and their coach had fun! Then we did my sweet 16 workout. I made one change to it. I replace the bounding, with 5 standing long jumps. The kids could not seem to get the idea of bounding anyway…. It has been awhile since we had done this work out. The full team is too big to do it on the courts. We tried an adaptation of it on the field, but I did was not able to do it with them. In any case, my calves well letting me know that it had been awhile.

Friday, there was a dance so I canceled our club run. And I got lazy. I took the day off.  No, wait. I took a day off to taper…. yea, that’s it…..

Today was Rosamond High Schools first Zombie Run 5k. They hired the High Desert Runners to provide timing, so I had to be there. Alan, Christian, Oscar and his family all came to help. There were only 90 or so registrations, so I decided to run the race. The course was very similar to the race held there back on June 1 – the LCPL Joseph C. Lopez-Pratti 5K. The course is a little long and a little hilly. Today it is was also a little windy. It was nice and calm until dusk, but when the sun went down the wind came up.

The idea of the race was a little crazy, but fun. The had the basic 5k course, but at several points along the way there were obstacles AND zombies. You were given flag football flags and the goal was to get past the zombies with your flags. You had the option to NOT wear the flags and thus be exempt from the zombies. You also had the option of doing the obstacles. So, if you chose not to wear flags and you chose not to do the obstacles, it was a normal 5k.  This was my choice. I was thinking maybe all the young people would get distracted by obstacles and zombies and I could be a top finisher. it almost worked. There was a group of runners that took off at the start and were never seen again.  Ervin and David Valasquez were among them and were the top two finishers. Former Hillview, current Quartz Hill High runner, Taylor Stephenson was up there as well.

After this group of 5 young runners was a gap, and then there was me. I placed 6th overall and first for old guys. My age group was 51 and over. My time was 23:03, so I was 20s faster than when I ran the course back in June. The differences in the course, I believe, would make it slower. The course stayed on the dirt road and on the hill a quarter mile longer.  This section also went over an extra high point. The course’s last mile went through the back of the school on a dirt path rather than using the roads, as well. So, I had a faster time on a slower course. I am happy.

HDR runners, Joe and Kathy Diorio were there, along with Jim Pandya. Kathy was the 4th female and 1st in his age group in 27:49. Jim was 3rd in his age group in 29:53 Joe was the 2nd in his (our) age group in 30:11.

Hillview runners Joseph Bender 29:56, Colby Phillips (and his family) 32:37, Joseph Degenarro (32:33) and Kevin Stephenson (36:22) enjoyed the race as well.

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