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Shouldn’t have invited the Rubles….

The Running Rubles have been dominating the 2013 High Desert Runners Grand Prix Points contest. Krysti has been in first place most of the year, with Erik not too far behind. Lately, Cade has been moving closer to my 4th place position. Yesterday he passed me when the Rubles submitted results from a 10K AND a 5k they did (…. yesterday). So, I figured they are probably going to go do a race pretty much every weekend here on out and trying to race Cade for 4th would be futile. (Steve Brumwell, btw, is 3rd.)  So, I let them know about a secret plan Oscar and I had for a Veteran’s Day 11K!  I didn’t really think they would go….  I was wrong.

Oscar picked me up at 4 this morning for the long drive to Irvine. The race was to begin at 7:11 and we were not sure what kind of Monday morning traffic we would run into. We got there, picked up our bibs.. and their were the Rubles. With great big grins on their faces!

When the race started, Erik, Cade and another teenager took off in the lead. I was next. Within a quarter mile, I heard someone pull along side…. Oscar! We stayed in this order for a mile or so – 6:46. The course started out in Woodbridge park, but then it headed up a bike path along San Diego Creek. Cade, Erik and the youth headed up an access point rather than heading to a tunnel and almost allowed Oscar and I to catch up. We’d have gone ahead, but they did some “cross country” to get back on the path. The youth subsequently dropped back. Oscar pulled a little ahead of me. Somewhere in the 2nd mile I was able to pass Oscar while Erik and Cade nudged ahead. About 3 miles in, Erik and Cade tried once again to leave the course heading up an access road rather than down to a tunnel. This time I got in front of them but Erik was quick to catch me.

As 3.5 miles on the Garmin came up, we were heading once again under a bridge, wondering if there was going to be a place to turn around. Just when I was about to give up, there they were. Cade, Erik and I made the turn together. Heading back Erik steadily pulled away. Cade was right in front of me until the last mile and then he pulled away a bit as well. Oscar hung tough and finished only a minute or two behind me. During the last mile it occurred to me that if I had kept my mouth shut regarding this race, I would be on my way to my first ever all over win!  Oh well….. According to all of our GPS watches, the course was long – 7.2 instead of 6.9. My Garmin time was 50:45, about a 7:02 pace.  Considering the two VERY hard workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, topped by 12.5 hilly miles Saturday – a complete lack of taper –  I am happy.


Points wise, it turned out to be a good deal for everyone but Cade. Cade already had 10 points for his “other” distance race, so today’s race was worth only 1 more. Krysti and Erik and I had smaller point values for our “other” distance race. I had 3 points earned at the Bunker Hill 8k. Today’s 9 points for 3rd overall exceeds that by 6 and the Bunker Hill becomes worth 1 on its own so I gained 7 points today. Erik and Krysti’s other race was a 15k deemed too small for high point values. They also gained 7 points today that the truly did not need. My 7 points puts me 5 ahead of Cade (sorry Cade) who will undoubtedly still catch me, and gives me a 10 point lead over Kathy Diorio was getting pretty close!

My current total – 68 – puts me tied with Maninder’s winning total from last year.  Krysti is 38 points beyond that at 106.  Erik has 94 and Steve Brumwell 82.

Oh, Brock, btw, ran a very speedy sub 20 5k! I do not know the exact time or place. Official results are not yet available.

EDIT/ADDITION…. right after posting this I received a race submission from Steve Brumwell. 2nd place in a half marathon in Arizona. 12 points puts him tied with Erik…. He is probably thinking that HE wishes I didn’t tell the Rubles about this race as well!

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