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Knee hurting again

Saturday, a week ago, before the 11K Veteran’s day race, I ran the 12.5 mile trail run from San Fracisquito Canyon to the bench and back. The Gutierrez family ran with me. Oscar and Natalie went the entire 12.5 miles. Dora and Montserrat did not go quite as far. On the way back I was feeling pretty good and I pulled farther and farther ahead. On the way up the last climb I caught Dora. As I started the 1 mile downhill I caught and passed Montserrat. I mention this now, because on this downhill I noted some familiar twinging in my left knee.

My left knee shut me down for awhile earlier this year. It got way better, but on occasion I still get an occasional twinge. On Saturday I was not concerned. Monday, during the race the knee got pretty bad. On Tuesday it was too inflamed too run. On Wednesday I typically take the Hillview kids of campus. We ran the Mr. Lister’s lookout loop. It is about 4 miles. The knee was achy. I took a shortcut at the end. Thursday, I rested it. Friday I tried an even shorter run. Still by 1.5 miles it was achy and I was done.

Saturday, I wanted to do the run with the law 5k or 10k, but I knew better. I went and watched the Rubles and Clay.

Today, the knee is finally feeling not inflamed. I still did not run. I went to the Clayve. Clay had me do a series of exercises as many reps as I could in a minute. My totals were not as good as Clay ‘s. I think I got him on one of the exercises, but I just now noticed that I cheated. I was not wearing my glasses and without them it is hard to read my watch. I set my time for 1:08 rather than 1:00…… Sorry Clay.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your knee. When I read Clay’s post, I was wondering why you did not run. I thought that it is not like Dale to pass up on some easy points. Now I know. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

  2. I was thinking your watch started counting down after the beeping from the last minute, cause I thought it was longer than a minute otherwise. I was wondering why you were starting while your watch was still beeping. Cheater! I never type that word, it looks weird. So we are changing the Clayve workouts a bit, I am bringing back band walks, band pulls and the ball ham curls that you did last night and lots of gluteal air and weighted squats, also jumps for distance and height.

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