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A little better, maybe

Today was the last day of school prior to a week off! So, I figured that the kids would enjoy a team run to Jamba Juice. All 5 of us had a nice run!  Yesterday, I cancelled practice so I assume that most of the kids assumed that today’s run would be cancelled as well. You see, the parents and administration don’t like it when I cancel practice at the last minute, and at lunch time yesterday it was raining. Looking at the forecast it predicted thunderstorms in the afternoon. So, at lunch time yesterday I cancelled practice. Then at 2, the sun was out.  The thunderstorms came hours later. So, yesterday, practice is cancelled and it is sunny. Today it rained right up till 2, (no thunder predicted) we ran.

As we met for the run, Oscar, Erik and Krysti were there, but they did not think we were going to run either. Fortunately, they were there. The parent that was supposed to carry the back packs was not there. I suppose that parent figured that there was no practice either.

My knee was twingy and achy just a bit the first mile. During the second mile it got a little worse. I considered stopping and hitching a ride with the Rubles. But Erik disappeared for a while. So, I kept going. The third and fourth miles the knee actually felt a little better.

The boys with me were 4 of my 8 grade boys. As the run they took off ahead of me. I decided to try to stay close. I had a little luck with the lights, they had to wait and I caught up with them. I averaged 7:30 per mile.  TEMPO RUN!

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  1. I have found that a achy knee can be an unpredictable thing. Some days it starts out achy, other days it gets achy as you run, and then some days are fine. I was very fortunate to have a good day in Iowa.

    Good luck with your knee. Have a great week off from school.

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