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Mini Vacation Tandem ride

Sunday I drove 5 hours to Monterey. I picked up my daughter and drove 2 more hours to San Francisco. We filled the back of the mini van with stuff she left at the apartment of a friend. Then we drove back to Monterey. Long day – lots of driving.

Yesterday, Cheryl and I got up and got on our tandem bike. The motel we were staying at was a short ride from a bike path the goes along the coast of Monterey Bay. We headed west along the path past the Wharf and past Cannery row. We continued along the shore around the point and eventually onto the famous 17 Mile Drive. This is a drive through some of the most awesome shoreline scenery imaginable.


I have driven it once or twice, but seeing it on a bicycle was lots of fun. We did not do the entire 17 miles, because we were on an out and back route.

monterey bike ride

Somewhere around 13 miles, by the Pebble Beach Gold Club and resort, I decided it was time to turn back. I did not want to overdo it with Cheryl.


We made our way back to the Monterey tourist area. We locked up the bike and had some Fish and Chips on the wharf. Then we rode the path a couple of miles the opposite direction. We failed to make a turn and the path we were on ended. So we headed back. Next time we will have to better explore the path between Monterey and Seaside.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic get away! One Sunday morning when Sylvanna and I were staying in Monterey I took off from the wharf and ran along the bike path towards Pacific Grove for 7 miles. It was an awesome 14 mile run!

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