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Lazy Thanksgiving weekend… Knee still hurting

My knee did not bother me during the race Thursday. It was a little achy afterwards. Friday I did a trail run with the Rubles, Gutierrez-es, (how do you make the plural of Gutierrez?) Sells, Janet Dempsey, Kyra and Leo. Once again, I could feel the knee but it was not bad. I felt it a little more on the downhill than on the uphill (still I could not resist the fun of running downhill fast.)

Over the weekend, I have been letting it recover, again…

I am wondering about my goals. This last year with the progress and setbacks has put me into a lackadaisical mode. Over my running career I have trained best and run best whilst I was training for a marathon. My fear of the marathon has always kept me consistent and honest with my training. Right now, I know better than to make any definite plans of a half marathon or more….

I need to come up with some different goals.

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  1. I am thinking about the Carlsbad 5000 end of March. This will keep me honest about my intervals, tempos and 10 mile long runs. Really think I will stop running long for a year or two. Set some PR’s when I get into the new 55-59 age bracket next December. Either that or quit running and take up golf again.

  2. It is hard to commit to marathon training with a achy knee. I am going to quit running marathons after completing my 25th consecutive, and last LA Marathon in March. The Carlsbad 5000 sounds like a good replacement for the LA Marathon in March of 2016. Good luck with your knee!

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