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A couple of workouts…

Today I tested the knee, running with my Hillview kids.  Often, I let the kids play a game of Sharks and Minnows to open practice, while we wait for a couple of kids to get there from other schools.  Usually, I watch. I figured I would ease into it with them. The game worked fine.  I felt strong doing my burpees (I make the kids do an exercise, such as 10 burpees, when they are caught, before becoming a shark.)  Once I was a shark, I even caught a couple of the kids.

Next we ran a warm up mile. The knee twinged a few times during the mile.  Next we did a rock set. A rock set has 30s of:  run, step ups L, step ups R, push ups, run, burpees, burpees, up and outs, run, standing uphill long jump (1 min), supermans, run, toe raises L, toe raises R, tricep dips, run, walking lunges 1min, push ups with feet higher than hands.

Next we ran an easy half mile.  This was followed by 10 minutes of very short hill sprints.  I have a grass hill right outside my classroom. It takes about 8 to 10 seconds to sprint to the top. We sprint up and walk back down. On the whistle we do it again.

We cooled down and stretched.

For the evening HDR trackworkout, I coached…..  It was very cold and windy.  The die hards were Oscar, Dora, Krysti, Justin Koo (haven’t seen him in awhile), Clare and Celeste.  I had them run 3 x 8 minutes, allowing them to slow and recover on the 100m homestretch – fighting the wind.

Finally, I headed over to Clay’s and did my Clayve workout. Pull Ups, One legged squats, Pushups, the usual. Clay keeps it fun though with medicine ball tosses and various jumps and such.

I believe, btw, that it was fast downhill running that over stressed my knee.  It was on the 12.5 mile trail run I ran the Saturday before the Veterans day run that I first noticed the aching.  Then in the Veterans day run it got worse.  Thursday, it felt pretty good for the Turkey Trot. It also felt fine on Friday, but I did really push that downhill. The knee spent the rest of the weekend being achy…

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  1. The fact that you are squatting better to parallel will help the knee. Now you have to work the end range of the glut and upper hams with deep squats, single leg squats all without letting the knee slide forward which allows quads to take over from the posterior chain muscles which get neglected with your inability to do consistent good quality squats.

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