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Thursday, Thursday, Friday

Thursday – Indian Run at Hillview…. 4 repeats of about a half mile surging past the kids. I put myself in a group of 2nd tier boys and Natalie…  This is a fun way to kid kids to really push themselves.

Thursday – YAC – (Yet Another Clayve)

Friday – run to Jamba Juice with the kids. I was very encouraged by the knee. I felt it once or twice in the opening mile and did not notice it again until the last .3.   I had pushed the pace a bit all the way to 10th street and was in the 2nd group of kids. But then I stopped at 10th to supervise street crossing. I waited through about 5 cycles of lights until everyone had arrived or was in sight. I had cooled off quite a bit and stiffened up quite a bit by then. The last little bit I jogged easy.

Clay and I are doing a Half on Sunday. Clay has not run a half, yet this year so he is looking for the points. I am just hoping to break 1:40 given my recent knee issues and lack of long run training.

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