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Really busy last week…

Twas, the week before Christmas (break)
and all through the school
the teachers were trying
just to maintain the cool

The students had mostly checked out last week,
but there were still lessons and tests and goals to be reached
The semesters end deadline, report cards would tell
To each of the parents if the months had gone well.

So, the teachers and school staff
kept the foot on the throttle
till that last day was done
then perhaps some hit the bottle.

Now I really don’t know where this rhyme should be going
So I’ll just end it now…..

Meanwhile on the running scene – Last Sunday’s Half marathon had me a bit sore. I took Monday off. Tuesday I skipped the Hillview workout, but did the HDR workout. This workout was 8 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute. My goal was to be reserved a bit. Even so, my pace held right at 6:40 for most of the evening. By the end though, I was done. Of course I still had to go Clayve…..

Wednesday was the first of 3 Christmas parties.  The Hillview XC kids and I ran to Vince’s Pasta and Pizza to celebrate the Holidays and the upcoming school break. Thursday we followed that up with an easy 3 miler and some partner tortures.  I was feeling rather stiff during the 3 miles, but it felt good to do the short sprints of the partner tortures. Friday, last day of school, no workout.

That brings us to today’s Jingle Bell Jog….. which deserves its own post…..

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