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Merry Christmas!

Today I have enjoyed a very quiet day at home. I did head over to Clay’s for a bike ride and Clayve workout. My stomach was still feeling a little iffy, but I don’t really feel bad, so I thought I would give it a try. Clay wanted to go for a record on 70th from M to the top. We got to the corner and he took off. I lost the chain on my bike and had to stop for a few seconds to put it back on. When I looked up he was a small dot heading up the hill. By the time I got to the top he had turned around and was heading back down looking for me.  Next we rode up 60th and took the aqueduct to the siphon behind Highland.

The we raced back…. by “raced” I meant we both tried to go fast.  Clay was much faster. I saw him arriving at 60th while I was passing the little hill about a half mile away. He headed down 60th and up N to 70th west. I stayed on the aqueduct to 70th.  He STILL beat me!

When we got back to his house we did an abbreviated Clayve workout. It is clear that I am not running at 100 percent today.

Tomorrow, I am going to try to chase him and whoever else want to show up…. 7 am Bouquet Canyon and PCT!

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