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Grand Canyon trip

I took a nice relaxing 6 day vacation. We left Thursday after the trail run and drove to Hemet where we visiting with the In Laws. Friday we drove from Hemet to Kingman Arizona with a stop at the London Bridge at Lake Havasu. Saturday we drove to Williams and wandered around and then to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. My son Daniel and his wife Grace met us in Tusayan, just south of the south rim. The remainder of Saturday and all day Sunday were spent gawking at the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon.  Daniel and I had fun wandering off the paved paths seeing how far we could get onto some of the outcroppings – without being too crazy, of course.

Monday, Grace and Daniel drove back to Phoenix and Cheryl and I drove back to Kingman and then north to Grand Canyon West – where the Grand Canyon skywalk has been built. It is a bit of a drive to get out there. Driving out, we saw NO ONE. I began to worry that I was on the right road, (there were signs saying how far it was, however.)  Once we got out there the busses of tourists from Las Vegas began to arrive. We, fortunately, were there ahead of the main wave. We had no waiting. We took our time and enjoyed ourselves. In the afternoon we drove back to Kingman for the evening. Yesterday, we drove home, with a stop at Calico Ghost town.

These pics are already of facebook, but I figured I could put a slide show here, as well.  Enjoy…

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