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Starting the new year with a bang!

Perhaps a better word is crash?

This morning I headed down to Vasquez Rocks County park to meet the High Desert Runners and Santa Clarita Runners for our traditional trail run. There were LOTS of runners out there, though I did not recognize many of them. From the HDR club I noticed the Rubles, the Olivas (student Leo and his dad Juan,) the Dempseys, Alan Brown, David Sell, David Weary, Kyra Sundance, Alan Brown, Glenn Hatorri, Ralph Hauck, Steve Heinrich… there were probably a few more.

As the mass of runners started, Leo and Cade took off ahead with a 20 ish young man. There were only 1 or 2 others who took off at a pace fast enough to be ahead of me. I was surprised to find myself as one of the leaders. Near the freeway, Erik Ruble passed by. On the hill on the other side of the freeway about 3 or 4 others passed by. As I neared the 3.7 mile turn around, the lead guy had already gone back by the other direction, as had Cade and Leo.  Erik went by as I was about 50m away. At the turn around , the three or four others ahead of me were gathered. I kept going. Dave Weary had expressed a plan to do 10 and I figured, 10 was a good plan so I kept going.

One of the runners at the turn around was a younger woman who saw me continue. She jumped in behind and asked if she could follow me further up the trail. We ran together till my Garmin said 5 miles, then we turned and headed back. This young lady was Jeanie Rutherford. She had NO problem on the uphills, she was definitely faster than me. She shared a lack of experience on the trails. She tended to fall back a bit on the steeper downhills. I shared some pointers with her. She told me that she had just qualified for a US triathlete team and is training to compete in Spain (I think) this summer – how exciting. (I looked her up on athlinks – fast young lady…)

It was quite embarrassing, after giving her pointers on trail running, to trip over a rock on a relatively flat uphill section and fall flat on my face. I got some scraped up knees but I was able to get up and finish the run without problem. Talking afterward, I told her that I would not blame her if she forgot everything I told her. Here is a pic of the knees, all cleaned up, back at home…


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    • I do not think agility would have helped me much…. It was a simple trip and fall…. on the other hand…. agility training sounds fun!

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