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New Year Revolutions

I like the commercial where the little kid says he has a New Year’s Revolution. The host says “Oh No!” You are going to revolt? What are you going to do? The kid says eat more candy…..

Today, January 2nd I ran with the Hillview peeps at Marie Kerr Park. We did the Gilligan’s Island trail run on the trails behind Highland. This turns out to be an easy recovery day for me since we have to stop a number of times and let the slower runners catch up. At the middle school level, I have to be very careful about keeping the team together and not losing anyone. I felt pretty good today, in spite of 10 miles yesterday and in spite of some pretty banged up knees. On most of the segments I was not too far behind my leaders, Leo, Cade and Cole.

Yesterday I came across a New Years Day Challenge: 100 day – 100 Burpees. Burpees are a pretty good all around exercise. They include a squat of sorts, a push up, a jump, and maneuvering your body to the ground and back up again. On day one you have to do 1 Burpee. On day 2 you do two, on day 3 you do 3, etc.  If you skip a day you are allowed to make it up by doing that day’s count on the next day along with those that are supposed to be done that day. For example, if you skip day 7 then on day 8 you can do those 7 plus the 8 for day 8.  Not too bad, but you probably don’t want to skip day in the latter half of the challenge! When the numbers get large you are allowed to spread them out throughout the day.

I challenged my Hillview kids and parents to give it a try. Most of them accepted the challenge. So the Rubles, the Gutierrezes, and some of the students are in…. We will see how this goes.

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