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Not yet done for the day

After this mornings run, I got in some more work. I headed to Clay’s at 2:30 and we did a bike ride. Clay was shooting for some segment records. I was along for the ride. I was feeling pretty good, though not particularly motivated to push it very hard.  Did I mention I am racing a half on Sunday? I am heading to LA with the Rubles and Gutierrezes for the New Years half Saturday evening. So, he pushed it. I just rode. I downloaded my garmin to Strava and was surprised to see my personal segment record on the Manzanita climb and my top 2 records on the Crane Court Climb. On the Terrazo segment I had my 2nd and 3rd best efforts.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

When we completed our ride we did a shortened Clayve workout….

Oh, and just for fun. I took some pictures my daughter posted on facebook and made a little video slideshow out of them….


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  1. The video sideshow was very cute. You did a great job putting it together! Have fun in your Half Marathon on Saturday night. Good luck!

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