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2013 Review

2013 has been a bit frustrating. I entered the year on the top of my game. In December 2012 I ran the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon in 1:31:39 missing my PR by 12 seconds. On January one I almost won a 10K in the bay area! I was confident that I would have a good shot at that PR in January at Bakersfield. I was sick going into Bakersfield and run a respectable, but not PR threatening 1:33:59.  A few days later I had a severe pain in my calf. While working on recovery from that I developed a pain in my knee. With the Los Angeles Marathon coming up, I tried to maintain the fitness I had while not stressing the knee any farther. I ended up running LA on an achy knee and then I shut it down for 2 weeks and then resumed just a few miles at a time. In 8 weeks I ran 135 miles. I backed out of the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon and ran their 5k instead.

I kept around 20 miles a week through June. I had fun running the Bunker Hill 8k in Boston, though I was not particularly fast. I ran most of the summer series races, the YMCA summer sizzler and Santa Clarita’s 10k AND 5k just for the points. Going into the fall I continued doing 5ks. I discovered that even though I was not near PR form and even though nagging pains persisted, I could still run fast enough to place and sometimes win my division. It was fun collecting awards and Grand Prix points!

On November 11 I ran an 11K and came in 3rd place. If I had not told the Rubles about the race i would have won! Not that I was all that fast, there just was not any quicker competition there that day. By the end of the race, however, my knee was aching again. So I cut back again for a couple of weeks, but still have the Turkey Trot a go. Clay talked me into a Holly Jolly Half Marathon. I was ill prepared and it was surprisingly hot and windy. I did not even break 1:40, but it was an ideal points race as I came in 7th place, 4th guy and 2nd in age group. I finished the year with a Jingle Bell Jog that was getting close to being in my normal ballpark.

So, I did lots of races and scored lots of points taking 4th in the High Desert Runners Grand Prix Points Contest. I did get 1 PR, but that a “first ever” 11K race on Veteran’s Day.

I ran a total of 1242.5 miles in 2013. This is by far my lowest total since 2008.

Annual Totals
2001 1399
2002 1120
2003 352
2004 548
2005 1193
2006 1514
2007 1183
2008 1215
2009 2183
2010 2400
2011 2011
2012 2213
2013 1242.5

What are my goals for 2014? I want to see what it would be like to run thinner. I have struggled a bit to maintain my weight this year, and I blame the lack of mileage. Well, that and the fact that when I am resting due to an injury I tend to take comfort in extra food….

I want to build better overall fitness and strength. Clay is working with me on that. I want to set a PR again…. I think I will begin the year focusing my training on the shorter races while maintaining enough endurance to throw in a half marathon any time I feel like it. Speaking of half marathons I plan on doing Bakersfield in a few weeks.  Click on the 2014 tab above to see what other races I have tentatively in mind…..

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