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Recovery run

One more week of Christmas vacation….. I love being a teacher…..

We met at Marie Kerr at 8 am for our morning workout. My winter group is fairly small. There were probably about a dozen of us counting the other adults (Gutierrezes and Krysi Ruble). We did my “none of the above” run. The run got the name a couple of years ago when I had a pattern of 3 or 4 other workouts going and then one day decided to mix things up. It is a simple run up into the hills behind Highland and back again.

I felt a little stiff and sore on the run. Oscar looked like he was a bit fatigued as well (he said he and Erik did 16 yesterday – the day after the half – but then again, both of them held back at the half to run with the children.  At one point the boys at the front had stopped to wait. While they waited they decided it was a good time to do their burpees. We are up to day 6 on the burpees. I did mine at that time as well. 6 burpees is not a big deal, but I can tell that this is going to get difficult pretty soon.

(I will post a link in the left hand column to a video I found demonstrating good burpees, just in case you didn’t know.)

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