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1st PR of the year!

A couple of days ago I lamented that I did not set any real PRs last year. What I had forgotten, was the area of general fitness. Thanks to Clay I am stronger now in many ways than I have probably ever been. As a youth, when we did the physical fitness tests I was only good at the 6 minute run and at sit ups. So I had endurance and decent core strength. I had no upper body strength to speak of. I could do few push ups, almost no pull ups and the standing long jump was definitely not my forte.

I do not get to go to Clay’s office – Valley Physical Therapy very often any more (mostly a good thing, I am not currently a patient!) At the office Clay has a ski erg machine. He is always blogging about his workouts thereon. Today I met him at the office. One thing we did was a circuit. We did a 100m sprint on the ski erg, followed by 10 slanted pullups, followed by 10 squats picking up a BIG kettle bell (60lb?), followed by 10 20# ball slams, followed by 5 pushups (10 for Clay), followed by about 30 – 40s of rest before beginning again. We went through the cycle 5 times.

Afterwards Clay challenged me to a 200m time trial on the ski erg. Loser had to do 9 squats and 5 more push ups. I tore into it as hard as I could. I saw the pace dip below 1:40 at least once. At 150 meters I was starting to fade but I hung on. My time was 41.6.  My PR for a 200m ski erg was 43.0. so this is a huge PR. In fact the pace for the 200m of 20.8 per 100m is better than my standing 100m PR of 21.1 set back in 2012.  Woo Hoo! It is cool to have something measurable to go with the general feeling of increased fitness.

Oh yeah, Clay coasted for 100m and then really sprinted for the next 100m.  He did the 200m in 40.0 and I did some more push ups and squats…..

Earlier in the morning, btw, I also ran with the Hillview kids at Marie Kerr park. As we began I announced that our warm up was only 1 small lap, that is 1 lap around the old section of the park. I heard someone say “Yeah!”.  Little did they know that a shortened warm up preludes a tougher workout!

The workout prescribed for today was 16 x 200m in 48s.  48s does not sound too fast for only 200m, but this was not a sprint speed workout, it was the first in a series of 20min 5K workouts aiming for the March 30 Carlsbad 5000. The workout was challenging in that I am still fatigued from the Half last Saturday AND the fact that the surface on the trails at Marie Kerr is a bit slippery – I believe that you lose about 30s a mile running on the dirt there. They seemed to feel a little harder and harder as the workout progressed. My splits were: 42, 50, 46, 46, 46, 48, 48, 47, 47, 46, 47. 47, 47, 49, 48, 50.  I measured the start and finish line with a wheel yesterday so the distance if fairly accurate. It did not seem so, but Garmin says the segment is a bit uphill.

Tomorrow we (Hillview) run from Marie Kerr Park up to the Bunny Hill and then down to the McDonalds at 50th and N for a smoothie!  This is a long run for the kids, but ends up fairly easy us adults. We have to stop and regroup along the way making it even easier.

Saturday, 8 am, QHHS track, mile repeats with Clay…. It will be killer…..

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