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Keeping up with the ……

Well, there were no Joneses present. Only one Patten. 4 Gutierrezes. 2 Rubles…. We all met at Quartz Hill High School for a track workout. Clay’s goal was to do 8 x 1 mile. I was thinking that this was a really ambitious goal for myself, as I have not done many mile repeats of late. 8 or more x 1 mile is a workout to build toward, not one just to jump into.

So, Erik took off first as his goal was to do the 8 miles at a sub 7 pace…. probably 6:45 ish. Clay, Oscar and I set off to do miles at 7:00 pace. The ladies joined in every other lap and tried to keep up with us. Going into the workout I was concerned about some pretty stiff and sore glutes and hamstrings from the Thursday Clayve and/or 200m repeats – more likely the Clayve. Once warmed up I actually did fairly well. Mile 1 – 7:00, Mile 2 – 7:02 (always my most difficult rep in such workouts), Miles 3, 4, 5 went by in 7:00, 6:59 and 6:58.  On the 3rd lap of the 6th rep I felt myself starting to lose it. The legs were done. I finished in 7:09.

Near the end of Clay’s video you can see me tiredly running a backwards cooldown….

The new, more cautious me decided not to risk pushing it any farther. I considered doing a couple more 800s, but I believe, wisely, opted to stop. Pushing already fatigued muscles too far is a good way to reinjure something. The last couple of years I have built myself up, only to be sidetracked by relatively minor injuries. Part of this is probably part of being in my 50s, but part of it was my tendency to be “the animal” that others have called me in my training. I want to slowly improve in spite of my age till my age no longer lets me to do so.

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