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A pretty good day!

After a couple of days of RnR…. that is rest and recovery…. it was time for a big day.

It started with the Hillview workout. We played a couple of games of sharks and minnows to “warm up.” The exercise assigned to be done when you were caught was 7 burpees. I figured, 2 rounds, 2 sets of 7 burpees – 14 burpees….. today’s allotment of burpees for the 100 burpee challenge done!

Next we ran over to ave N8. We then did 20s Hill repeats. I think it took about 12 sprints for us to get from 45th to 55th west. Then we jogged back.

At 6pm I was at the track at Joe Walker. The workout for the evening was 12 x 90s. This workout is part of a series of workouts prescribed by the McMillan website to work toward my goal race, the Carlsbad 5000. We did the intervals as out n back intervals. We started at the start line and ran counter clockwise for 90s, then we recovered for 90s being sure at the end of the recovery to be exactly where you were at the end of the 90s run. Then we ran the 2nd interval in the opposite direction trying to get back to the start line.

I was supposed to do them at 96s, but I was feeling good. On the first one I did the whole lap in 93s. On the way back I crossed the start line and went about 10 extra before my watch beeped. So the return was sub 6 pace. The pattern held up throughout the workout. In the second half of the workout I started getting the lap heading out right at 90s while still getting the extra meters coming back. I am sure I was at or below 6 min pace for the 12 intervals…. Yeah!

Of course, after a bit of a cool down I headed over to the Clayve. I was able to jump and pull up unassisted 4 times! I was also able to do a few pullups with just one of the smaller bands! Of course I had to use the big band for the remainder of the 40, but they are really getting easier!

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