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SWEET 16 plus a Clayve

Today we ran from Hillview to Greg Anderson elementary and tried a sweet 16 workout on the track. I am a bit fatigued still from Tuesday, so the workout seemed a bit challenging. Still, I enjoy doing it. I keep mentioning my sweet 16 workout, my goal is to write up a permanent description and link it here on my blog – maybe tomorrow…

Of course, we added burpees to the drill to keep up with the 100 burpee challenge! I enjoyed my new found strength doing so. At around 11 or 12 exercises I noted one of my boys doing a rather sloppy pushup as part of his burpee. He bent his head down to get his face close to the ground while his shoulders hardly dropped at all. I called him out for it and then dropped down to show him what he looked like. I followed that with a really nice pushup with a straight back, going all the way down till my chest touched the ground. The other students did the “he showed you!” ranting for a bit….

Of course, when I told this story to Clay and demonstrated the pushup, he promoted me. That is he took away the block I have been using to do my pushups. Now I have to do them using handles, flat on the ground…… me and my big mouth….. 😀

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