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Easy Day

I just ran a tad under 4 miles with the Hillview boys…. That’s right, boys, with one exception. All the girls that typically come out for club were trying out for soccer, apparently. Most will be back running with me in a few days.

A week or two ago, Cheryl told me about this website…  by Sears,  On it you can post fitness activities. You can set up your account to sync with so it can automatically receive data from runs uploaded from your gps…. You can also manually add activities. I have been doing this for two weeks and I have 12 dollars worth of points. I am going to try to spend them tomorrow at Sears. I will let you know how that goes.

My post run computer work has become quite extensive. I turn on the lap top with my Garmin attached to the cradle. Garmin’s software automatically starts and downloads the data from the watch. Garmin’s training center is not very good software, but it least it is a central storehouse of all my gps data. I close it, leaving the watch attached to the computer.

Once my browser is open (Chrome) I open Strava and click upload. The Garmin beeps and the data is uploaded to their site where I can check it out, play with segments, etc. Next, now I open mapmyrun. Two more clicks and the data is uploaded once more.  Then I click on the sears site and after a while the run automatically shows up there.

Finally, I have to open Training Peaks garmin link for download number 4. Three or four more clicks and the Training Peaks site is open with the same data. For the last two or three years Training Peaks has been my primary log. It is here where I track: shoe mileage, weekly mileage, monthly mileage, annual mileage, fitness training scores, weight, etc.

Once that is all done I can open WordPress and write about it in this blog…. I wish there was a way to automatically upload to all of these sites at once, but I have found no such way. I have considered giving up Training Peaks, but have found nothing better and the process of trying to switch all of the data to another site would be quite daunting….  Plus, what would I switch too? Strava cannot serve as the main site as it does not allow manually adding runs and workouts.  Mapmyrun might work. I know there are others as well……

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