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14 Miles of Trails

We did another impromptu trail run this morning. The plan was to run the Pacific Crest Trail from San Francisquito Canyon Road east to Spunky Canyon road and back. This is a 14 mile round trip. I posted it on facebook and sent out an email to see who would join Clay and I.  We had 3 groups do the run. Karl and Eric Dombrowski started at some earlier time. We saw them on the trail at about the 6 mile point. Erik Ruble also started a bit earlier, I am guessing that he went to the bench at 6.2 miles. We saw him a bit earlier than Karl and Eric.

Clay, Oscar, Joe, David Sell and I headed out pretty much together shortly after 7:30.  Krysti, Dora and Harry Kim also headed out, but they were planning on doing shorter runs…. Clay ran out ahead of us with his dogs Aurora and Mizuno. He waited once or twice for us to catch up. Oscar, Joe and I stayed fairly close together all the way out to the turn around.  About two miles into the run my right foot slipped into a little hole and down I went. This two trail runs in a row in which I have gone down. The fall itself was not bad, but my left calf got a pretty good road rash on the course sandy rocky trail. I jumped back up right away and kept going….

At the turn around Clay wandered off for a bit and casually commented that he would catch us on the return run. Joe, Oscar and I waited just a bit – long enough for me to take off my outer shirt and tie it around my waist. Then I said that if we wanted a head start on Clay we should get going.

Starting back I took the lead with Oscar behind me. I was feeling pretty comfortable and smooth. I felt like I was moving pretty quickly. Joe dropped back and a gap began to open between Oscar and I. I thought about Clay’s statement about catching us and decided that it was a challenge…. My breathing remained at 2 to 2 as I cruised at what I felt would be a marathon pace effort. After a while I was on my own. I kept thinking that I heard a runner behind me, but when I had the chance to look no one was there. I figured that sooner or later Clay and his dogs would catch me. I decided that when they did I would call out “Here comes the Clavy Train!” It never came.

Checking out Strava, I set a PR on the 10K segment from the bench back to San Francisquito running it in 54:19.  This was in spite of backing off for the final downhill  (I remembered that this final .9 mile downhill to San Francisquito had aggrevated my knee on at least 2 occasions.). Checking that segment, I was almost a minute slower than my previous record.

When I finished, I found Dora waiting for Oscar. I asked her to take a picture to remember my “Trail Warrior Badge of Honor #2014 – 2”



and you know, the last one was finally pretty much all healed……

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  1. At the rate you are falling, it’s a good thing you don’t run trails everyday. Nice job on your 14 miler!

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