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I’m a professional runner!

The definition of a professional athlete is that he or she is payed to play.  Yesterday, I posted on my blog a blurb about FitStudio by Sears. I have been logging my runs there for not quite two weeks now. I have also logged Clayve workouts and walks with my wife. As of yesterday, I had more than 12000 points. 12000 points is worth $12. The points sync with Sears’ Shop Your Way accounts. I set up one of those. They have an app.

Today, I took my phone with me to Sears. They scanned the barcode on the app. I bought 3 bottles of syrups for my new Soda Stream machine. (Christmas present.)

I am getting paid to run!  Sort of ……

Of course, the question comes to mind…. how can they afford to do that? I guess they are not counting on guys like me running so many miles…. I guess they expect people to come in with a couple of dollars worth of points and spend them on $50 shoes…. Imagine the points Oscar or Erik would rack up right now?

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