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“recovery” week?

Or is it back to training…..

After the Half on Saturday, I took a couple of days off. On Tuesday I ran the HDR track workout. We ran 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .  I kept mine easy. Well, sort of. It was dark. There were no lights, no AYSO soccer teams practicing. I set my watch to beep every minute. As the first minute went by, my watch died. I ran 3 laps figuring that if I was running at 8 min pace it would be 6 minutes. I was off. Claire told me that I yelled time about 20 seconds early… As the workout progressed I intentionally relaxed and took it slower. Then I went to Clayve.

On Wednesday I took the Hillview kids north of the Golf Course for our Leap Frog run. Once again, I told myself I would hold it to marathon pace or so. Then I started pushing the pace “racing” the kids. I ran two reps of about a mile and a quarter, pushing the pace pretty hard. I felt fine running, but was definitely done afterward.

Today, we ran an easy 3 mile route. Then we did a few drills – partner tortures. It was especially fun this time as Leo and Cade needed a 3rd person for their time. Each round they built a lead and I managed to hold on to it. At one point we were doing planks, so I started to do the one armed, one legged planks Clay has had me do the other day. The kids were impressed… 🙂


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