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Heroes 6K

First, in reference to my last post. This week was recovery till Tuesday and then back to training. As stated I did a couple of fast runs on Wednesday with the team. Thursday was easy till the drills…. and the Clayve.  Friday we ran from Hillview up to the Bunny Hill and down to Coldstone – 6 hilly miles.

I tried my best to take it easy yesterday, but running the Bunny Hill was not the ideal thing to do the day before a race…..

Today, I went all the way to Palm Springs to run the Heroes 6k race. I found this race a few weeks ago when my wife mentioned a desire to go visit her mother in Hemet. We planned to go to the race and then go from there to visit her mother. As of last night the plan to visit fell through and I debated whether to go anyway. I knew most of my running friends were doing the AVC All Comers Track Meet or the Color Me Rad in Lancaster. The 6k seemed like a good opportunity to get a good tempo/race workout though. I called Jesse Williams and he agreed to head down there with me.

The website said this was a flat, fast 6k race. It started and ended at the Palm Springs Museum of Art. They had some statues outside…..


I figured I would practice my skills at taking selfies…



I am not sure if I can say that I really get it….. the art that is…. this one was called the warrior.

Looking at last year’s results I figured I would have a decent shot at placing in my age group. At the start of the race no one seemed to want to start out front, so I got on the line with a few guys that looked really speedy. As the race started about a half a dozen guys took off ahead of me as did 3 women. I settled into a hard but sustainable effort. I noticed that I was slowly climbing uphill. As the first 3K went by the grade got steeper and steeper until it turned down at 2 3/4 K. At 3 K it u turned to go back the same way. So, there was a brief climb and then it was all downhill. Looking at Strava, there was a total of 131 ft elevation gain and loss in this race.

My time was 25:49 – which is a 6:56 pace. I was the 12th finisher out of 251 and I won my age group! I am a little disappointed that I was not able to maintain a little faster average pace, but as I said at the top. I did not taper to prepare for this one. Also, I seem to have a bit of a cold. I was up much of the night with stuffiness and congestion. If I had not invited Jesse I probably would have just slept in. I don’t think I was operating at full lung capacity…

They gave a medal to every finisher and age group winners received a towel from a very enthusiastic volunteer.

20140201_094037This is the only pic where Jesse did not chop off my head. I had him try a few more until he got this…20140201_094252After the awards they did have a nice raffle. Jesse won a gift card from Macys which he gave me to give my wife!  Nice!  As the raffle wound down and there was nothing left but some running hats a lady walked past me and said she was leaving. She gave me her ticket. She could not have gone 30 meters before her ticket won!

All in all it was a nice morning…. I ran fairly well, I got a medal, a towel, a gift card, a hat, and enough Grand Prix points – 6 to move me past Erik and Krysti Ruble,  at least for the moment…. They were at AVC today, so we will see how that turns out.

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