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35 16 8 600+ 6:25 6:11

I thought I would start by confusing everyone with some numbers from my workouts.

35)  Today is day number 35 of the 100 Burpee Challenge. I had the Hillview kids do them with me, two and three at a time, within our Sweet 16 workout.

16)  Today, the Hillview kids, Oscar and Dora, and I ran my sweet 16 workout. Check the link to the right for a full description….

8)  Later, at Joe Walker I led the High Desert Runners Club workout through 8 repeats of 2 minutes and 30 seconds each. The recovery interval was also 2:30.  Personally, at the end of each run, I coasted to a stop, blew my nose (fighting a cold) and then ran slowly the long way – 250 meters back to the start line.

600+)  My plan for the workout was 8 x 600 in 2:24 so I knew I needed to get a few meters past the 600 in 2:30.

6:25)  My plan was a success! The approximate distance of each 2:30 run was 610, 620, 620, 610, 635, 635, 635, and 650.  This adds up to 5015 meters in 20 minutes for a 6:25 pace!

6:11)  That last interval of 650 meters works out to a 6:11 pace!

Afterwards we ran a half mile cool down and then I started to head to the Clayve. A text told me, however, the Clayve was closed…..  I had too much of a runner’s high going to be disappointed!  It has been a good day!

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