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Catch up post

I was about to write about some fun today, Saturday the 8th, when I realized I have not blogged since Tuesday. There was nothing unusual to write about since Tuesay…. But still, I did get in 3 workouts.

Wednesday – The Hillview kids, Oscar, Dora and I ran the Lister’s Lookout Loop. I put the kids into groups up on the aqueduct and had them do a few stretches of Indian Runs. So, it was a little bit of speed work for them. Oscar and I hung out with the slowest group as we were recovering from the 8 x 2:30 workout Tuesday night.

Thursday – The kids and I did a shortened 3 mile workout. It did, however, include some 30s Hill Sprints – about 10 to 12 of them. We hurried back to Hillview so we could watch some middle school championship Basketball. We caught most of the 7th grade girls game. It was a low scoring game, which we won 9 to 8.  I hung around to watch the 8th grade girls come from behind and win. The trailed all game until a 3 pointer put them ahead with less than 40s to go. They hung on from there…

Friday – Eric and Krysti Ruble joined us for a run to the tunnels! This was a relatively easy 5 miler – with lots of Burpees thrown in. In all the excitement Thursday, I never did my burpees. So Friday, I had to do 37 plus 38 – 75.  They ARE getting much easier!

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