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3 for 3 @ HDR Trail Run – PCT/Two Deers Trail

I wonder if there is enough of a hint in the title to make anyone go… uh, oh…. Yes, I did it again. 10.7 miles into a difficult almost 13 mile trail run, on a very easy stretch, I tripped again. Fortunately this part of the trail was mostly soft dirt and I only have a few very minor scrapes.
IMG_0664I should have taken the picture before I cleaned it up…. It looked much worse…

So, I have done 3 trail runs in 2014 and have fallen on all of them. All three times it was my right toe that caught on something. On the 1st and 3rd it was near the end of the run and fatigue could have been a factor. I believe, that the biggest thing is that I either need to get and wear new glasses or get into to the lasik eye surgeon as I have been threatening to do for the past 6 months… My current glasses – transition bifocals actually are too strong to use. My right eye sees much better without them. My left eye however needs considerable adjustment..

The run of the day was the High Desert Runners’ Mountain Trail Run of the month. There were some Santa Clarita people there as well. Tiffanie, Erik and Cade Ruble, Leo Oliva, Dora and Oscar, Joe, Christian and Harry Kim and I all started out pretty much together. Cade and Leo of course were immediately gone. It only took slightly longer to watch Tiffanie and Erik disappear ahead of me. Oscar and I hung together for a little better than a mile. There is a real steep section of the trail and my legs were just completely dead. Oscar ran off ahead of me. The Kim’s all started ahead of me and I caught them. They were doing the 3 mile up out and back.  Near the top of the ridge I caught John Swallow and then Joe Diorio.  Kathy and Oscar were waiting at the top. Oscar was going to wait for Dora so I just kept going.

The “Two Deers Trail” section of this run is quite interesting. You have to go downhill very steeply for a bit and then you find yourself on this trail that meanders through the brush. Sometimes the overhead and side clearance is a little limited but it was not too bad. There was this other guy that I did not know who seemed to stop from time to time. While running he would pull away, but then I would inexplicably be almost upon him again. At one point I heard him talking ahead of me. Cade, Leo and Erik had waited and doubled back, unsure of the trail. They headed off with the guy. (Tiffanie did an out and back.) They did not realize that I was about 15 seconds behind them.

The trail continued level and downhill and I seemed to stay 15 to 30s back and they seemed oblivious to the fact that I was there. The trail led to a fire road and we ran down it for awhile. Here I saw them pass Bev and Deb who had gone in the reverse direction, but were not headed back. Then I passed the two ladies. At about 9.5 we left the road and headed up the ridge back toward the original trail. Most of this trail was just a nice slight uphill but there were several sections that got crazy steep. It was on a nice slight uphill that I fell. I was so exhausted by now, that I walked the last, most steep uphill section leading back to the first trail.

Upon arriving at camp, I gave Erik a hard time for failing to give me some bubble wrap for my knee. He was threatening to do so after my last accident. They headed out and then maybe 10 minutes after my arrival Oscar and Dora arrived completing their run. I witnessed the return of Joe and Kathy, and Bev and Deb.  A few others were still out there as I headed home.

I did really enjoy this run. It was difficult, but that “Two Deers” section was a blast. The trail leader – Dennis, I believe, explained that he used to ride motocross and they ride this trail for training. That would explain the somewhat low head clearance at times. A man on a bike sits lower, I believe than one standing up.

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