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Practicing the last few miles of a half….

My weekend got me REALLY sore. As the day went by yesterday I felt more and more sore. At about 8 pm I realized I still had to do my burpees. I put the Olympics on TV for motivation. I watched for awhile and every commercial break I did 5 until I was done. On the first one my legs were not hopping back, they were stepping back. But they got better as I got into it.

Today, of course, I was still sore. I cancelled the Hillview workout so I could go see a doctor about corrective eye surgery. More on that later, but it looks like I will have them work on my left eye.

This evening, it was Tuesday, so I HAD to go over to Joe Walker for the HDR workout. I had been planning on 3 x 10 minutes, shooting for sub 7s. With the soreness, which includes my Glutes, my hamstrings, and my quads, I considered taking the workout easy and trying to work my speed work in later in the week. Instead, I figured I would just give it a go and see what would happen. In the dark it was hard to see the watch to see my splits. All three times I missed yelling time at 10 minutes. I finished 6 laps in 10:11 and 10:14 the first two times (6:50 – 6:52 pace). The third one I stopped at 10 minutes, I was 90 meters short of that 6th lap…

Afterwards I did the full 4 lap cool down with 10 or 11 burpees preceding each lap to get 42 for the day.

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