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End of the week round up

I felt better after Tuesday’s workout than I did before….. almost normal Wednesday. Pretty much normal on Thursday.

Wednesday I led the kids through yet another sweet 16 workout.  Last week, I wrote up a description of this workout and it is linked in the right hand column. It is quite an exhausting workout. The walking lunges with hops are especially good at turning your legs into jelly.

Thursday I led the kids over to Greg Anderson to use their track. We ran a 1 mile time trial. My plan was to run just 3 laps and then stop to call splits. I settled into a nice comfortable 8 min/mile pace. Funny thing is, that Leo, Cade and Derek all lapped me! So,, you can see that all three ran a sub 6 pace. They did not really push it though. They were around 5:40. After five or so minutes of recovery they ran an 800, then a 4 x 400 relay –  just for fun!

Today, we celebrated Valentines with a run to Jamba Juice! The Rubles, the Gutierrezes, Juan Oliva and Joe Kim all ran along. About a mile in, Erik turned and headed back….. for his keys…. So I kept on the gas the rest of the run keeping up with the 2nd pack of boys all the way there.

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