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San Francisquito to Spunky and Back

I met Clay at 7:30 for a trail run this morning. Clay chose the location as he wanted to go Strava segment record hunting. Specifically, he wanted to shoot for a segment going eastward from the low point in the trail – 2.7 miles out to the bench. It was warm and he was not sure if it was allergies or a cold, but he was having trouble.  We got just a little into the segment and he sent me ahead. I was not able to set a course record for the segment. Matthew Bierowicz has the record followed by Clay. I was already in 3rd position from my last run out there, just a few seconds ahead of Karl (who obviously was going easy) and Joe Kim. I kept my 3rd position on the leaderboard, but improved my time by almost a minute and a half!

The extra effort in this section probably hampered the rest of the run. I had no other records until the final downhill. I was closing in on Clay, and decided it was okay to push the final downhill. I knocked 35 seconds off my best time here.

As I stopped at the finish I was suddenly a little dizzy. Coming home I felt an extreme need to get some nourishment. I believe I was suffering from a lack of sufficient nutrition last evening. Typically, there is a Bible study at my house on Fridays, and this study includes a potluck dinner… So, I eat WELL on Fridays.  Cheryl was sick, however, and I cancelled the study yesterday. Since I am trying to slim down, I limited my intake last evening to a bowl of popcorn….. I guess it was not enough.

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