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Strava Intervals

This morning Clay and I sent chasing after Strava records.  Well, Clay was chasing the records.  (click for Clay’s blog) I was chasing Clay. If Clay and I run the same segment together, he is the one to typically finish first…

We warmed up and then ran my Two Mile Time Trial segment I set up for my Hillview team. This starts at Hillview and uses Rancho Vista Blvd, Town Center and Bolz Ranch Road. My Strava time for this segment was 13:25.  This was my second best time. On January 19 I scored a 13:21.  That day I had the benefit of chasing Oscar.  In case you were wondering how chasing Oscar is more of a benefit than chasing Clay….. sometimes I can actually catch Oscar.  Clay ran his 2 mile segment today in 12:54.  We walked up Bolz Ranch Road and then ran a 1 mile Time trial.

The 1 mile Trial starts the same as the two, on Rancho Vista Blvd. It turns left on Cricket to Bolz Ranch and ends with 100meters uphill on Peonza in front of the schools. I did the downhill first half in 2:55, but the uphill second half really slowed me down. The mile took 6:15.

We finished with a half on Rancho Vista. This one goes down and then up to the finish. The end is only 20 feet lower than the start so it is almost a wash. Clay set a new record in 2:35.  This would be like doing my 77 second 400… twice in a row…  I PRd at 2:51.

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  1. You must be feeling tired. You ran your Cricket Ln Bolz Mile in 6:15 not 6:36. It was the Towncenter mile split that was 6:36 which I thought was a bit slow for you considering you were only 13 seconds behind me at the turn onto Towncenter Dr 5:03 to 5:16 and I ran 5:57 for the mile split, 39 seconds faster so in that .2 miles of downhill (your forte) I gained 26 seconds on you. Add that 26 seconds to your time and you run 12:59 for the 2 mile TT.

  2. Your opening half mile segment on the 2 mile TT was 3:00. Your all out effort on the opening half mile segment was 2:51 Maybe you started out a bit fast on the 2 mile TT and were recovering after going up the hill to Towncenter, this explains the 6:36 time split on the first mile.

  3. Oops, you are right Clay… 6:15 sounds a lot better. I edited the post. 6:15 is just a few seconds off of my PR!

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