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(Semi) Sweet 16

The plan, for my team was another sweet 16 workout. With track season less than two months away, I am having them focus on adding some strength so that they can improve on their top end speed. Most of the kids out with me now have pretty good endurance.  After yesterday’s workout, however, my legs were not up for it.  But I did it anyway. I just did it in “easy” mode. As the workout progressed I felt better and looser. The drills, for the most part were fine. I just coasted through the “sprints.”

I forgot my Garmin so I had to do the whole thing with my cell phone in my hand to get the GPS data for uploading. I have several apps for this sort of thing. I chose mapmyrun as this is the one that automatically connects to the Sears Fit site (I have SPENT $60 worth of free points already.) When I got home, however, I really struggled to find how to export the data from mapmyrun to Strava or Training Peaks. I found the site I used last time, but this site was down……

Whilst looking, however, I stumbled upon something better. A site called tapiriik, which syncs data between a number of sites including: Training Peaks, Sporttracks (the main log I used from 2005 – 2011), RunKeeper, Strava, Garmin Connect and DropBox.  This included everything I use except the mapmyrun.  I checked the Sears site, however, and they sync with RunKeeper.

So I got it all set up.  I opened a runkeeper account. I synced it with Sears. I updated my Sporttracks account which had not been updated in years. Then I let it start the sync process. It has been working on the data sync for hours.

Still had the problem regarding todays run on mapmyrun. I found out that I could not download a data file from them and upload it to strava. It was incompatible.  Sporttracks was able to work with it though. So I got the file there…. The sync is still in progress, but when it finishes that file should go from sporttracks to Strava and Training Peaks! In the future I can log a workout on any of the four and it will sync to the others…… cool…. after awhile I will have to decide if I really need all of them…. 🙂


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