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Mixed Bag

Today, I wanted to do lots of exercise and burn lots of calories, but I did not want to get myself sore for Saturday’s 5k.  I ran with the Hillview kids doing Inner and Outer Loops. The Inner loop is inside the fence around the field and courts at our school – 1/2 mile. The Outer loop is a lap on the sidewalk around Hillview and Rancho Vista – about a mile…. So we did Outer, Inner, Outer, Inner, Outer = 4 miles. I forgot my Garmin – again, so I carried my phone and used the Strava app. It took me a few minutes to start it. It also took me a couple of minutes to stop it after I stopped running…. I will have to go “crop” the workout.

Later I headed over to Clays for a Cyclave workout… that is cycling followed by a Clayve workout. We rode better than 10 miles and worked out about half an hour.  I am getting way stronger. A few months ago I had to do push ups on an incline. At the Clayve I did 20 using push up handles which allow you to dip deeper. This was after doing 51 earlier in the day with my burpees…

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