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“Get Fit 5K” – 18:50.2 !!!

This morning was the first annual Get Fit 5k on Lancaster Blvd. It was the second of Lancaster’s Team Challenge races – last year they ran it at Jethawks stadium.  We had a beautiful morning for a race. It was cool, but not cold. There was hardly any wind at all. And of course, a race on Lancaster Blvd is a pancake flat race!

I got there early to arrange for the timing and results. But I had help from Cheryl and Christian so I had plenty of time to warm up and get ready. The race started right in front of city hall on Fern. We headed to the blvd and made a left. We went left again on Beech and ran up to Jackman. We made a u-turn at Jackman and headed back to the Blvd. There we headed right, on the south side of the road. We wend a block past Fern and made a u-turn. Then we did the loop a second time.

Justin ran his race and of course he won it. Early in the race, Cade was in second. As the race progressed I saw Tim Buse steadily gaining on him. Tim caught him on the second lap and took second. Cade was 3rd. Tiffanie Marley was the leading lady, followed by my 7th grader, Natalie Gutierrez. As the race started I watched Oscar start out ahead of me, but I concentrated on getting a quick start. My first half mile was pretty comfortable at 3:16.  During the second, I was close at 3:23.  Somewhere near the end of this mile, I could feel my quads tightening up. Thursday, at the Clayve, I did some lifting of a 60 lb kettlebell. I also tried squats getting my bottom all the way to my ankle. I tried to take it easy but I knew these were going to affect me. Yesterday, in fact, I was really dead legged. I wasn’t sore, but when I ran a few miles with the kids I was struggling to run 9 minute miles! Riding my bicycle to and from Hillview probably didn’t help either….

The rest of the race slowed a bit. Thanks to all the turns, however, I could check out my competition. Oscar stayed ahead and Joe Kim passed me as we started the second loop. But, they are not in my age group. On the second u turn on Beech it looked like David Weary was gaining on me, so I mixed in some 1:1 breathing the rest of the way just to ensure I did not drop off the pace. I held on and finished in 18:50.

Unfortunately, it was not close to a 5k. My Garmin had it at 2.72. Other’s came in between 2.68 and 2.74. It was about 15% short. So my real time would be more like 21:40…. ouch. Oh well. I won my age group and scored some good points in the HDR GPPC!

Cade, of course furthered his lead. Finishing 3rd overall with an adjusted time still under 18 gave him 9 placing points! Natalie’s 2nd place gained her 10!  The tough age group of the day was the male 45-49 group. Adam Newman came and won it. Erik was 2nd. There were two other finishers ahead of Joe (who finished ahead of me!)

So, the question is, should I have run this race? If my primary goal is to run my 110% absolute best race on a given day down the road, such as Carlsbad, then perhaps I would have been better off doing a medium long run today and a good speed workout tomorrow.  I have a race or two, down the road that are goal races, but running races is my sport. It is my hobby. It is what I do for fun. Some of the most fun I have had at races (and some of my best performances) have been at the races I do along the way to my goal races. The goal races may or may not work out….

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