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Epic Suffer Score 301

On Strava, if you have the premium membership and if you run with a heart rate monitor, it calculates a “Suffer Score.” I just posted today’s run and I noticed something a little different. Instead of saying “Suffer Score” it says “Epic Suffer Score”  with the number 301.  I am not sure how they come up with the number but it is kind of fun to log something and to be told that it was “Epic.”

I met Erik, Oscar, David Weary and Matthew Bierowicz at Bouquet Canyon for a trail run this morning. I was free to do this because I am now one of 3 worship leaders at my church at it was not my turn to lead. So, I had time to do a nice long trail run and still get to the 11 o clock worship service. You may get to meet some of my church people friends, by the way, as they are having a big push to come and run (walk) the Nutty Runners 5k.  We recently merged with another group and there is a lot of excitement going on…..

But, back to today’s run. I wanted to lengthen things a bit. I have done a few half marathons and a few 14 mile training runs, but that has been my maximum since last year’s LA marathon. So, I was thinking 16 would be a good number. David and Oscar agreed with my plan. Erik and Matthew set out for 20. Matthew was just arriving as David, Oscar and I started our run. I would have waited a bit longer, but I had a time limit and Erik and Matthew were bound to catch us anyway.

Oscar, David and I stayed together over the 4 mile ridge and down the other side. We conversed (mostly me) all the way past the bench. When my Garmin said 8 miles we paused. We looked ahead and saw the ridge just west of the bridge. This would be the 2nd ridge you would come to after the 2.7 mile low point when running east from San Francisquito. We figured that would be a good turning point. We reached the turning point at 8.5.  We waited a few minutes before Erik and Matthew finally arrived. Erik talked Oscar into joining them (Erik and Oscar are doing LA in 3 weeks.)  David and I headed back.

I felt I was taking it easy but David dropped back quite a bit going back up to the 4 mile ridge. I held back on the downhill and he caught me. I sped up and we ran together. He dropped back once again on those inclines approaching Bouquet. So, I am really happy with how it went. I felt much better finishing today’s 17 miles than I did the 14 miler with the club a couple of weeks back!

Now I will head over to the Clayve and see what Clay has in store for me….

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