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Workin’out my Wednesday

1) Commute to Hillview by bicycle – 6 miles – 28 minutes!! It was VERY windy out there this morning and the majority of the ride was into the wind.

2) Run with the Hillview team. We ran over to Greg Anderson. My knee was a little achy on the run over, so I considered just doing the warm up. When we arrived I put the team into pairs and assigned partner intervals. I did not give myself one. As they started, it occurred to me that I would freeze just standing there coaching so I headed off as a team of one. I was pretty slow and sluggish but the knee felt fine. I ended up working with one of the teams through the workout. We did 1 set of 400m intervals and 1 set of 200m intervals. Then we did 4 minutes of run up and down the stairs. Then we jogged back. The workout logged me 4.7 miles…

3) Commute home by bicycle – 5.5 miles – 21 minutes. The wind was mostly more favorable.

4) 57 burpees.  I did not do any with the team so I was on my own. I decided to do them in 6 sets of 10 , 9 , 10 , 9, 10 . 9.  I figured I should get them done before showering. I did  the first four sets and decided to go shower. I turned on the water and thought I would do one more real quick. I got into it and just kept going for 19 in a row. I am sure that is my record for continuous burpees.

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