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The Hillview runners ran today, but I did not. Yesterday whilst doing the track workout, I stepped off the track and rolled my right ankle. It was not so bad that I could not finish the workout, but I am feeling it a little bit today. I am trying to be a good athlete. One who listens to his coach. When I coach others I am always err on the side of caution regarding injuries. When someone says something hurts I tell them to take a day or two off and see if it feels better. I rarely heed this advice myself. Especially if I have a plan….

When I have a plan, I feel I have short changed myself if I don’t complete the plan…. But as a good athlete, I am learning to listen to myself and not push too hard through things.

So, the extent of today’s work was a Clayve workout. It was a good one. I started with a 2k rowing machine warm up (about 10 minutes.) Then I went through Clay’s latest circuit workout: 20 each of Ball Throws – 14 lb ball and you have to jump up while throwing it upward with an underhand motion, Rope Swings (giant rope), 60 lb kettle bell leg lift, side hops up and over a block, pull ups, and push-ups (I substituted burpees.)  I did the whole set again and timed it at 7:23… Then I did some bench presses, the rest of my 59 burpees, and some band pulls…

Clay and I are planning a Saturday morning trail run, but I am looking at a pretty scary weather forecast….. keep you posted….

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