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Trail Run in the rain….

We are in the middle of a pretty good storm. Yesterday, I cancelled Hillview practice telling myself I would run on my own. But, I used the weather and the little bit of remaining knee achiness as an excuse to do nothing…. not even my burpees….

Thursday at the Clayve, Clay and I discussed a potentially rainy trail run. Looking at the forecast however, I had talked myself out of it. I was prepared to take a 3rd day off, but Clay kept emailing ideas:  track workout in the rain, workout at the shop….. Finally, he emailed and said we should just go do the trail run. I replied a less than enthusiastic okay. Then I posted it on facebook. Other people replied. Some were even enthusiastic! Their enthusiasm wore off on me. 

Clay, Grant, Joe, David, Clare and I met at 8 to head up the trail.
It was downright cold waiting to get started…..

Clare planned to run 45 minutes and turn around so that she would not be on the trail behind us.

As we got started, I heard a car coming and there were potentially one or two more people that could have come, so I stopped about 20s or so to see. This gave everyone a head start on me. I quickly caught Clare, but was only slowly gaining on the rest. I was within 20 or 30 meters when I my shoe came untied. I stopped and everyone got back out ahead of me again. As I approached the start of the hill, by the Tanks, I saw that Clay had slowed down and waited for me. Just as i got close though, we entered the “Tanks to the Top” Strava segment and he was off. I did not go for any course records today. I just tried to see if I could catch the others. 

As we got to the really steep section I saw Grant and David ahead. I passed Grant in the middle of this section and David just after we reached the top. I continued to push the pace a little to see if I could catch Joe. Eventually I spotted him ahead and slowly gained. I caught him just as we arrived at the top. My time was my second best time on the segment. Clay scored a new segment PR. He was completely out of sight all the way up.

Up at the top we were getting into the clouds. It had been raining all the way up…

Starting down I was between Clay and David. The pace started to get pretty quick but I am thinking that the fast downhills, especially when there are sections with a steep sideways cant, are trouble some to my knee. So I stopped and let David go by and went fairly easy downhill. It turned out that in spite of holding back it was my second fastest downhill segment as well. 

As the course went back uphill, I was able to catch up with Clay and David…
Clare had just finished. Joe was right behind me. Grant was done within another minute or two…

We had fun! Thanks Clay!

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