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Sunday Speed Work

I met Clay at Quartz Hill to do a little speed work. We did 1200, 6 x 300, 1200. My 1200s were both 5:02. The 300s varied from 62 to 65 seconds. Clay was running his 300s by cruising through 230 or so and then accelerating. I, on the other hand would race through 200 and try accelerate, but I felt like it was more like trying not to fade… Still the pace was pretty good. I was a little disappointed in the 1200s. 5:00 is a 6:40 pace.  I feel like I am stronger and that I have improved my top end sprint speed, but I do not seem to have the stamina to hold that speed for very long.

When I did my 19:50 5k and a whole slew of sub 21s, I had less sprint speed, but I could hang near my top speed much better. Being someone who is quite naturally much more endurance gifted, I believe it is the endurance training, the pure mileage, I need to step up. I plan to continue my speed work, and tempo training buy the long runs and the total weekly mileage needs to ramp up.

To inspire this, I will probably enter a marathon.  Maybe the Mayors marathon in Anchorage in June. I am waiting though as I do not know how my knee will handle it. It has been occasionally achy this week. I have noticed that the knee does not seem to like the burpees very much. The effort of going from push up position to crouch to jump puts an odd stress on it. Clay and I discussed it the morning and he has forbid me from continuing the 100 burpee challenge. Rather than quitting I will substitute push ups and squats for the remaining days.

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