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Take the Long Way Home….

Wish I had a ride video of my ride…. set to the song by the same title…..

I commuted to work again today. Then after school I took the long way home. I rode by Karl’s to take a shot at a PR on the “Take That” segment – got it. Then I cruised down to Joe Walker to snag a container key for Saturday. Then I headed through Clay’s neighborhood and took a shot at Tania’s loop – PR #2.  I headed up M8 and had my second best ascent, but I did not really attempt M8 as a segment. Then I tried for my Manzanita PR – missed by 1 second. Then I tried Terrazo, but did not fare so well there… Then I rode up 70th and did my first attempt at the crazy access road there. On Strava this is titled “Repeat Hill” but I cannot imagine doing it more than once. The grade varies from 8 to 13.7 %!  I PRd it (first attempt on record – though I remember switchbacking up it once before.)

I cruised the aqueduct southeast to Highland.  Strava says I notched two more PRs along the way. Entering my neighborhood, I typically ride an uphill section of 15th West behind Ocotillo School. I set this up as a segment. Strava found that I have ridden this segement 55 times! Today’s effort was #2. There was one slightly better back in 2009. Back then I commuted with Christian and we sometimes got into races….

Side note: I mentioned that I found a site that would sync my GPS data from Sportracks, Strava, and Training Peaks. This sync has gone back and found old data to compare on these strava segments. I also noted yesterday that Strava says I have over 5000 recorded running miles…. Of course, I believe, only log data with gps data synced successfully….

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