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I usually say triple Tuesday or Two for Tuesday or something…. But it was just another TUESDAY. All capitols…. Tuesday afternoons and evenings have become my big workout days. At Hillview we ran 4 Indian runs of about a half mile each. These really have a way of getting the kids to push themselves.  There was a new boy who did a pretty good job of hanging with Cade and Leo (for 1 rep anyway)  Natalie ran with my group and kept running away from us. I set up our route as a Strava segment and my pace was 6:17, 6:12, 6:15 and 6:38 (We added another girl that last rep and tried to pull her along, but it looks like she slowed us down a bit.)  Then we went on the field for some partner tortures. We did 5 reps consecutively. Each one includes about a 100 meters or so.

At 6 I led the HDR workout. The So Cal Supersonics youth track team was there. They got kicked out of Greg Anderson because they were too big to practice while AYSO practiced on the infield. There were more than 100 of them! We used lane one and did my partner interval workout. My partner was Justin Koo, so I did not get any extra rest. We did 16 minutes of 400 meters. Justin and I finished 6 reps each in a little over 17.Then we did 16 minutes of 200 meters. Justin and I finished 12 reps. So, all in all I did 6 x 400 @ 90 – 95, and 12 x 200 a little faster…

Then I headed over to the Clayve. I did two sets of the same exercises as last Thursday. Clay also had me do a 2000 meter row on his new rowing machine. I finished in 9:27.7  I guess this is my new PR….

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