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5th Annual Nutty Runners 5K

Today was the 5th annual Nutty Runners 5k. It was the biggest and best yet! As the race started I thought we had 400 runners. I saw someone wearing bib 409!  It turned out that the bibs we had, after 300 were WIDELY spaced out. There were 318 5k runners registered. There was around 280 finishers. It went pretty smoothly, other than the street not getting closed on time.  

Here is a video of the start!

This year, I added a school vs school competition within the Westside School District to see who could get the most staff to participate and who had the fastest 5 person team. This helped registration by adding around 100 staff participants. Well, maybe it added around 80. As I went through the registrations and updated my contacts data base I was surprised how many teachers were already on my “runners email list.”

Hillview had the most participants and the fastest team. The “most” award, though is based on percentage of school staff, so Ana Verde Hills – the new school, actually comes in tops there. The fastest team, though was not close. I led my staff, followed by my Principle (Rob Garza), Ryan Garza (spouse of a teacher), Jacob Briggs (coaches XC with me) and his wife.

If they had a student team competition, Hillview would have swept it.  Leo Oliva won the race in 17.:36, followed by Cade Ruble in 17:53, followed by Derek Rodriguez (7th grader!) in 18:34. Byrce Webb and Jason Flores were also in the top 10! Hillview 7th grader Natalie Gutierrez was 3rd female behind Tiffani Marley and a high school girl from out of town.

Lots of us HDR runners scored lots of points out there as this was the 2nd race in our grand prix points series. Cade extended his lead with his 10 points. Natalie jumped into 2nd with her score of 9. Many other club members scored 4, 5, and 6 for age group places.

As for my race, I was pleased. I forgot my garmin (as race director you worry about bringing lots of stuff, but not your race gps watch.) So I carried my phone in my hand and turned on Strava. Unfortunately, I have only used it once before and I guess it was not set up correctly. I glanced down at it part way through the race and it was asking me a question. I said okay and it started timeing me then. It missed the first mile or so… I started chasing Clay and Lance. At the turn around Clay stopped for water. (He had told me before the race that the high pollen count was getting him.) I steadily gained on Lance. All the way back to the school I inched closer and closer. I started to hear someone behind me and figured Clay had rebounded. On the track, I continued to gain on Lance till I was 3 or 4 meters back. Suddenly I heard Clay in the outer lane cheering me on, warning me that David was right behind me. I surged with all I had left, but so did Lance and David. David found another gear and ran right by both of us. David won the age group and the 6 points. Of course, my 5 points plus one for “helping” at the race kept him from gaining on me.  I did an aweful lot of work for that one point…

Erik Ruble was up ahead of me, running a 19:41.  I hope he did not jeapordize his LA Marathon tomorrow.  Joe Kim (right behind me) and Krysti Ruble 24 minutes also had pretty fast times for someone doing a marathon tomorrow.  Oscar ran with Montserrat and kept it easy, so as not to affect his very first marathon tomorrow.  Good Luck to all of you LA Marathon runners! 

Special thanks to a bunch of volunteers who made the day go smoothly:  Oscar, Jim, Karl, Clay, Deb, Cheryl, Jesse, Erik, Christian, Winnie, Simon, Chuck, Lance, Craig Binkley (coach of UAV XC team) ….. I am sorry for whoever I am forgetting… 

Karl and Clay headed up the Kid’s race for me… Here is Clay’s Video

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