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Ups and Downs and Ups and Downs….

UP:  Saturday’s Nutty Runners 5k… biggest ever. Fastest 5k since 2012. First place team for Hillview….

DOWN: Sunday, I was pretty busy so I did not get a run in. I postponed it to Monday. I got up and ran to school. My plan was to take a longer run home. Somewhere between 12 and 15 miles. Running home I felt so lethargic, so slow… I only ran 7.  The rest of the evening, and on Tuesday I felt down.  My left knee has been more achy of late, my right foot plantar fascitis is flaring and my right shoulder blade area is stiff and bothersome.  The idea of a marathon this summer seems pretty silly when I have so much achiness.  Tuesday, I skipped the Hillview workout.  I went to the Tuesday HDR workout.

UP: Tuesday night, I kept the club on the infield and we ran my sweet 16 workout. I felt better and better as the evening progressed. Then I headed to the Clayve. Today, I ran with the Hillview team. We ran the Leap Frog run. Before the warm up I felt great. I did notice some tightness in the glutes as we got started (lots of squats and TALL step ups last night.) The glutes loosened up and I seemed good to go for a good run. As the first leap frog segment began I was right with the fast boys. I heard one of them comment, “Mr. Lister’s going fast.” The first half mile was 3:03 – the next 3:15.  I did the 1.3 segment in 8:33.  Going back was 8:13. Well under 6:30 pace both times!

DOWN: I got a new Garmin 310xt the other day.  It is supposed to transfer data through a little USB stick, like a wireless mouse. I have used it 3 times and spent WAY too many hours trying to get the data to the computer…. I lost the data from today’s run completely. Fortunately, I had looked up the splits quoted above manually…. I put the watch back in its packaging and it is going back to Amazon….

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